Session's Journal

Disclaimer:- Journals of the Rajya Sabha are published separately for each Session and contains  information  relating to
 (i)    Presidents address
(ii)   Questions answered (from 188th session onwards)
(iii)   Papers laid on the Table
(iv)   Reports presented to the House
(v)   Statements by Ministers if any
(vi)   Motions and Resolutions moved and adopted or negatived
(vii)  References from the Chair
(viii)  Presentation of petitions, issues of privelege etc.
(ix)  Calling Attention, Special Mentions, Short Duration Discussion and Half an Hour discussions 
(x)   Messages from President of India and Lok Sabha: and other important business transacted
For authoritative information , the Official Report of the Rajya Sabha, which is published under the direction of the Chairman,Rajya Sabha, should be consulted.



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