Availability of certain Parliamentary Papers in Regional Languages.
    Certain Parliamentary papers are made available in various Regional Languages by selection through language dropdown tab by using Google Machine Translation. However, the English and Hindi versions of these papers are authentic.

Status Query/Pending Questions Status


Note: In order to reconcile transfer/receipt of e-mail of questions by/from Ministries, this option provides session wise details in terms of Ministry, Department and sitting date, showing the number of questions required to be answered by a Ministry/Department, and the number of answers received and put into the database.  Minor discrepancies may arise because (a) in case of some pending questions, the name of the answering Department may not have been entered and as such the tendency is shown against the main Ministry, (b) in some cases, the answer stated to have been sent was not actually received in the correct format or (c) the answer has not yet been incorporated into the database. Ministries/Departments are advised to reconcile discrepancies by e.mailing to rsqns@sansad.nic.in