Availability of certain Parliamentary Papers in Regional Languages.
    Certain Parliamentary papers are made available in various Regional Languages by selection through language dropdown tab by using Google Machine Translation. However, the English and Hindi versions of these papers are authentic.



Starred Questions :

These are Questions to which answers are desired to be given orally on the floor of the House during the Question Hour. These are distinguished in the printed lists by asterisks. 15 such questions are listed each day.

Unstarred Questions:

These are Questions to which written answers are given by Ministers which are deemed to have been laid on the Table of the House at the end of the Question Hour. Upto 160 such questions are listed each day in a separate list.

Short Notice Questions:

Such questions can be asked orally in the House after the Question Hour or as the first item in the agenda where there is no Question Hour at a notice shorter than that prescribed for Starred and Unstarred Questions. These must relate to a subject-matter considered by the Chairman to be of urgent public importance.

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