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Rajya Sabha
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(19 Jul 2021 To 13 Aug 2021))
As on: 23/09/2021
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Note:- All files are in pdf format.

Officers responsible for supply of the information:

Officers Phone Email
Shri Mukul Pande, Officer on Special Duty [OSD] Tel:-23034693,23018044 emailid
Shri Surendra Kumar Tripathi, Joint Secretary (L) Tel:-23034967 emailid
Shri Rakesh Prasad, Director(T) Tel:-23035445
Shri Deepak Kalra, Deputy Secretary(T) Tel:-23034581 emailid

Note: As part of the mechanism to ensure accountability of Government to Parliament, copies of important documents issued by Government are circulated to Members through a formal process called 'Laying of Papers on the Table'. The Ministry concerned intimates the list of papers to be laid, (along with a copy of the documents authenticated by the Minister), which is then included in the agenda for the day. At the appointed time (generally 12 noon), the Minister rises and states that he lays the papers listed in his name on the Table. The authenticated papers are then properly indexed and kept in the Parliament Library for reference of Members. The following are some of the categories of papers which are required to be laid on the Table:
a) Ordinances promulgated under Article 123 of the Constitution of India
b) Statutory orders (S.O.) issued by Government under various statutes
c) General Statutory Rules (GSR) framed by Government under the relevant statutes.
d) Reports of Government companies.
e) Reports of societies and cooperatives financed by Government institutions
f) Reports of Joint ventures with State Governments
g) MOU between Government and PSUs etc