Parliamentary Bulletin


Nos. 38948-38977]                                                                                                                                     WEDNESDAY, JULY 18, 2001

No. 38948                                                                                                                                                                                   Notice Office

Visitors’ Cards

        Special attention of Members is invited to the following certificate which is given by them while applying for visitors’ cards for the gallery of the Rajya Sabha:

“The above named visitor is my relation/friend, known to me personally and I take full responsibility for him/her.”

        Members are requested kindly to ensure that the visitors for whom they apply for visitors’ cards are known to them personally.

        Members are also requested to ensure that the particulars required in the application forms are duly filled in.  It will not be possible to issue visitors’ cards if all the particulars required therein have not been furnished.

        Members are further requested that the application form for visitors’ cards must be delivered in the Notice Office before 3.00 P.M. on the day previous to the date of the sitting of the House for which visitors cards are applied for.


No.38949                                                                                                Notice Office

Same day Visitors’ Cards

        Members are requested NOT TO MAKE requests for SAME DAY VISITORS’ CARDS in view of the present security environment in the country.

        Members are requested to co-operate.


No.38950                                                                                                Notice Office

Admission of Children in the Galleries

        Attention of Members is invited to the following instruction given in the  application form for admission to Visitors’ Gallery: —

“Children below 10 years of age are not allowed admission to the Gallery.”

        Members are requested to adhere to the instruction and not apply for admission of children, who are actually below 10 years of age, to any of the galleries.


No.38951                                                                                                Notice Office

Arrangements for assisting Members in regard to the Business of the House

        The services of English and Hindi Stenographers and Typists are available to assist Members in typing out their notices of amendments, questions, resolutions, motions etc. Stenographers (Hindi and English) sit in Room No. 34-A in the Outer Lobby behind the Post Office in the Parliament House, for the purpose.


No.38952                                                                                                Notice Office

Facility of a box at the Reception Office in the Parliament House for depositing various Notices

        Members are aware that a box is kept at the Rajya Sabha Reception Counter in the main Reception Hall of the Parliament House for enabling the personal staff of Members to deposit notices of questions, motions, resolutions etc., during the course of the working day.  The box will be opened twice a day at 10.00 A.M. and 2.00 P.M. on  all working days.  The notices deposited therein between 10.00 A.M. and 2.00 P.M. will be deemed to have been received in the Notice Office at 2.00 P.M. on that day and the notices deposited after 2.00 P.M. will be deemed to have been received in Notice Office at 10.00 A.M. on the next working day.

        Members are informed that a box is also kept outside the Notice Office in the Parliament House after the office hours which will be opened at 10.00

A.M. on the next working day and all notices deposited therein will be deemed to have been received at 10.00 A.M.


No.38953                                                                                                Notice Office

Instant Photographs of Members

        Members are informed that arrangements have been made for taking their Polaroid coloured photographs in the NOTICE OFFICE (Room No.26) on the payment of Rs.50 for four passport size copies.

        Members may avail of the facility.


No.38954                                                                                                Notice Office

Entry of Visitors in Parliament House

        Members are informed that only visitors having valid passes may be taken inside the Parliament House through Gate No.12.  In order to facilitate entry into the Parliament House of members’ guests and visitors waiting in the Reception Office outside Parliament House, members are requested to a give a written requisition for the purpose either to the Reception Office or the Notice Office.  It is also requested that Members may not ask the staff in the office to call their guest/visitor on telephone.


No.38955                                                                                                Notice Office

Entry of Unauthorised Persons to Rajya Sabha Notice Office

        Members are aware that Rajya Sabha Notice Office (Room No. 26, Parliament House) receives all notices and communications from members and renders general assistance to members in regard to their Parliamentary work.

        It has been observed that Members bring their guests/friends/relatives inside the Notice Office without having an entry pass.  In many cases the guests etc., stay for long periods and use office phones which are meant only for members.  This causes avoidable congestion in the room and inconvenience to other Members who may be in the Notice Office at that time.  Sitting facility is available outside the Notice Office for guests waiting for appointment with the Members.


        Members are, therefore, requested not to bring  their guests/friends/relatives inside the Notice Office unless very essential.  In case such guests etc., are brought with entry passes, they should not stay longer than absolutely necessary or use office telephones.

        Co-operation of Members is solicited.



No.38956                                                                                                Notice Office

Central Hall Passes

        Central Hall Passes are issued by the Rajya Sabha Notice Office in favour of persons on the specific and written requests from Members.

        The following categories of persons only are entitled to avail of Central Hall entry facility: —

1.        Sitting MLAs/MLCs;

2.        Chief Ministers/State Ministers;

3.        Former Ministers in the State;

4.        Spouse, Son(s)/Daughters(s) of sitting MPs.

        Requisite form is available for the purpose in the Notice Office.

        Members are requested to co-operate and not to apply for passes for persons who do not fall in any of the above-mentioned categories.


No.38957                                                                                                Notice Office

Car Park Labels for regulating entry of vehicles in the Parliament

House Estate

        Entry of all types of vehicles, into the Parliament House Complex is regulated at all the Iron Gates and only vehicles displaying car park labels issued by the Rajya Sabha/Lok Sabha Secretariats are permitted entry into the Parliament House Estate.

        Members are requested to obtain appropriate car park label for their vehicle from the Rajya Sabha Notice office and display the same prominently on their vehicle to avoid inconvenience.


No.38958                                                                                                Notice Office

Baggage etc. of members left in the Rajya Sabha Chamber, Lobbies

        Members are informed that if inadvertently any of their baggage i.e. Handbags/Briefcase etc., remains in the Rajya Sabha Chamber or Lobbies after the House has adjourned for the day, the same will be kept in the custody of Watch and Ward Office.  Members may collect their baggage etc. either personally or through a person so authorised on their behalf from the Watch and Ward Office.


No.38959                                                                              Watch and Ward Office


Emergency Police Aid


        Members are informed that they may contact the Police Control Room (Telephone No. 100) for Emergency Police Aid.



No. 38960                                                                             Watch and Ward Office


Security Arrangements in Parliament House Complex


        Members are requested to co-operate with the Security Staff on security duty in Parliament Estate and show their Identity Cards on request.


        To strengthen the security arrangements in Parliament House Complex, Doorframe Metal Detectors have been installed at various gates.  Visitors accompanying Members of Parliament and former Members of Parliament are requested to pass through the Doorframe Metal Detector and they may undergo physical search.   The baggage etc. being carried by them may also be scanned/searched by the Security Staff.



No. 38961                                                                             Watch and Ward Office

Entry of Visitors accompanying Members of Parliament into

Parliament House

        For Security reasons the Security Staff have been given instructions not to allow anyone including guests of members inside Parliament House without a proper pass.  Members are also advised not to bring their guests/visitors inside Parliament House through Building Gate Nos. 3,5,7 & 11.  Visitors having valid passes may be taken inside Parliament House through any of the other gates where Doorframe Metal detectors have been installed.



No. 38962                                                                             Watch and Ward Office

Entry to Parliament House and Central Hall

        Entry of outsiders in Parliament House and Central Hall is regulated according to Rules and directions given by the Chairman from time to time.  No person without a valid pass is allowed to gain entry even when accompanied by a Member. This is deemed essential in the interest of security.



No. 38963                                                                             Watch and Ward Office

Carrying or display of fire arms in Parliament House Complex

        The carrying or display of arms and ammunition in any part of the Parliament House Complex, except by those on security duty, is strictly prohibited.



No. 38964                                                                             Watch and Ward Office


Distribution of Literature, Pamphlets, Press Notes and Leaflets within

the precincts of the Parliament House

        Members should not distribute within the precincts of the House any literature, questionnaire, pamphlets, press notes, leaflets or any matter printed or otherwise without the prior permission of the Chairman in writing.



No. 38965                                                                             Watch and Ward Office

Issue of casual entry passes

        It has been observed that large numbers of visitors are issued casual entry building pass on request from Ministers and Members of Parliament.  These visitor, whose character and antecedents cannot be verified, because of instant request pose a security problem apart from causing inconvenience to the Members of Parliament by their free movement inside the Parliament House Building.

        Members are requested that requests for casual entry of visitors be made only in case of absolute necessity.  In other cases, Ministers/Members may meet them in their own Offices/Parliament Reception Office, respectively.

                Kind co-operation of Members is requested.



No. 38966                                                                             Watch and Ward Office

Physical check of cars and briefcases

        On security consideration, Members are advised to check their cars and briefcases before coming to the Parliament House Complex.  In case of self- driven cars, Members are particularly requested to check the dickey, seats, engine etc. before proceeding to the Parliament House Complex.



No. 38967                                                                             Watch and Ward Office

Use of car park labels

        Members are requested not to allow use of their vehicle with MP car park label by other persons.



 No. 38968                                                                             Watch and Ward Office

Parking place for self-driven cars of Members

        Parking place for the self-driven cars of the Members has been earmarked in front of Building Gate No. 1 (Behind the wall).  Members are requested to park their vehicles behind the wall in front of Building gate No. 1 and not in front of it.



No. 38969                                                                             Watch and Ward Office

Demonstration, Dharna, Strike, fast etc. within precincts of the House

        Members cannot use the precincts of the House for any demonstration, Dharna, Strike, Fast, or for the purpose of performing any religious ceremony. 



No. 38970                                                                             Watch and Ward Office

Car Park Label And Ferry Service for Members

        Members are informed that ‘M.P. Car Park Labels’ are issued to them in order to enable them to bring their personal vehicles in Parliament House Estate.  ‘M.P. Car Park Label’ can be obtained by filling the prescribed application form available in Notice Office in respect of vehicle registered only in the name of Member and normally used for coming to Parliament House Estate.  Members are requested not to apply for ‘M.P. Car Park Label’ for Taxi and commercial vehicles ( DLY, DLZ and DLT etc.).

2.                    If Members come to Parliament House Estate by any other vehicle without the parking label, they may alight outside the Parliament House and use the ferry service available at both the Iron Gates No.1 and 2, Parliament House for coming inside.  For departure from Parliament House, ferry / car will also be available at Building Gate No. 1.

3.                    In  order  to ensure  that  Car  Park  Labels  issued  to  Member  are  not misused by any other person in the event of cars being  sold or otherwise disposed of by them, Members are requested to get their Car Park Labels removed and surrender the same to Notice office in all such cases.

                Kind co-operation of members is solicited.  



No. 38971                                                                             Watch and Ward Office

Discontinuation of showing round to visitors of Parliament House and Parliament House Annexe on gazetted holidays/session period

        Due to security reasons it has been decided that Show Rounds of Parliament House and Parliament House Annexe to the visitors on gazetted holidays and during session period are discontinued.  However, Show Rounds will be arranged as usual on all working days during inter-session period between 1030 hrs. to 1730 hrs.

        Kind co-operation of Members of Parliament is solicited.


No. 38972                                                                             Watch and Ward Office

Use and carrying of Cellular Telephones and Pagers inside Parliament

House and Annexe

        In view of prevailing threats to the security of VVIPs/VIPs and sensitive Government building from Remote-controlled IEDs, it has been decided to stop use and carrying of Cellular Telephones and Pagers inside Parliament House and Annexe by Members and others.

        Kind co-operation of Members is solicited.



No. 38973                                                                             Watch and Ward Office

Stoppage of entry of Armed Escorts coming to Parliament House Estate

        Consequent to the decision taken by the General Purposes Committee of the Rajya Sabha and Meeting of Hon’ble Speaker with Leaders of Parties and Groups in Lok Sabha regarding “Stoppage of the entry of Armed Escorts of the Hon’ble Ministers /Members of Parliament coming to Parliament House”, arrangements have been made to peel off the Escort Vehicles near Iron Gates No. 1 & ll. and park the same behind Kendriya Bhandar (near Rail Bhawan).  Since Parking Area is not available towards Parliament Street round about and also for security considerations all the Escorts Vehicles of the Hon’ble Ministers/Members of parliament have to be collected from the north Fountain (Near Iron Gate No. 1) only.

        2. Car Calling Arrangements have been made accordingly.

        Kind co-operation of Members is solicited.


No. 38974                                                                                 Interpreters Section   


Avoiding Disturbance in the sound system


        It has been observed that some Hon. Members do not turn off the volume knob of their earphones while leaving their seats which causes disturbance in the sound system  in the House.  Hon. Members are, therefore, requested to turn the knob to the left while leaving their seats.




No. 38975                                                                                 Interpreters Section


Arrangements for Simultaneous Interpretation of speeches made

in some of the languages listed in the Eighth Schedule to the Constitution.


        In addition to providing interpretation of the entire proceedings of the House from Hindi to English and vice-versa, arrangements exist for simultaneous interpretation in English as well as Hindi of the speeches made in the following nine languages subject to the procedure laid down hereinafter.


(1)                 Assamese

(2)                 Bengali

(3)                 Gujarati

(4)          Malayalam      

(5)           Marathi

(6)         Oriya                                  

(7)           Tamil 

(8)           Telugu

(9)           Urdu


Procedure –


(1)     Speeches made in the course of debates will be interpreted from the aforesaid languages into English and Hindi.

(2)     Interpretation from the languages into English and Hindi will not be available during the period immediately after Question Hour, when miscellaneous matters not entered in the List of Business are raised, nor will it be available for remarks, observations or interruptions in the midst of regular debates;

(3)     A member desirous of making a speech in any of these languages may kindly give at least one hour’s notice to that effect to the officer at the table stating also the language in which he wishes to make a speech;

(4)     Hindi interpretation will be transmitted on Channels 2 and 5 and English interpretation on channels 3 and 6.  Channels 1 and 4 have been earmarked for the floor language.



No. 38976                                                                                   Interpreters Section


Use of languages other than Hindi and English during Question Hour


        Members are informed of the following procedure regarding use of languages other than Hindi and English during the Question Hour:-


        A member in whose name a Question appears in the List of Questions for Oral Answers and who gives advance intimation for asking supplementary questions in languages mentioned in the Eighth Schedule of the Constitution (other than Hindi and English) for which arrangements for simultaneous interpretation already exist, may put supplementaries during the Question Hour in that language subject to the following conditions:-


(i)       This facility may be availed of only by members in whose names the Question appears in the List of Questions for Oral Answers;

(ii)     Advance notice in this behalf shall be given in writing by the members concerned not later than 3.00 p.m. on the working day preceding the day on which the Question is listed for Oral Answers;

(iii)    The facility shall not be available to members other than those in whose names the Question stands listed in the List of Questions for Oral Answers;

(iv)   In the printed debates (Original version) only an English version of the supplementary questions asked in a language other than Hindi, Urdu and English would be incorporated as is already being done at present in respect of speeches delivered by members in a language other than Hindi, Urdu and English while participating in debates on Bills, Resolutions, etc.



No.38977                                                                      Editing (English) Section


Procedure for ensuring that the speeches or other statements made by Members in the Rajya Sabha are accurately reproduced in the Official Reports


                An electrostate copy of every speech delivered or question put by members on a particular day and taken down by the official Reporters will ordinarily be forwarded to him for confirmation next morning and it must be returned duly approved to the Editor, Editing (English) Section WITHIN 24 hours, and in any case not later than 12 Noon on the third day.  For instance, corrected speeches of 24th July, 2001 must be returned by the 26th  July, 2001 and in any case not later than 12 Noon on the 27th  July, 2001.  Corrections received later than time specified above cannot be incorporated in the manuscripts of the Debates to be sent to the Press.  In case of delay the version as taken down by the Reporters will be utilised.

2.     In case of quotation, copies thereof should invariably be supplied to the Reporters, except in case where the page etc. of some well-known Report which is readily available has been specifically referred to.

3.     In case of quotation in Indian languages, slokas, etc. the quotation followed by its meaning, if it has not already been given, should be filled in by the Member when his speech is sent to him for approval.

4.     Members are reminded that the official Report has to be a correct reproduction of the speech actually delivered by them in the House and that copies of the speeches are sent to them for confirmation only and for the purpose of correcting obvious inaccuracies AND NOT FOR THE PURPOSE OF IMPROVING THEIR LITERARY FORM OR ALTERING THEIR SUBSTANCE BY ADDITIONS OR DELETIONS.  Only minor corrections, viz.  those in respect of grammatical errors, misreporting of quotations, figures, names etc. are permissible.  Corrections, if any, should be made NEATLY AND LEGIBLY AND IN INK in order to ensure their correct incorporation in the printed proceedings.