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Rajya Sabha
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|CHAPTER VII: Despatch & Distribution Section|Pdf(116Kb)
7.1 Despatch of Letters
7.2 Despatch by Post
7.3 Despatch of Dak by Hand
7.4 Despatch of Priority Dak
7.5 Despatch of Non-Priority Dak
7.6 Despatch of Secret Papers
7.7 Despatch of Files
7.8 Postal Account
7.9 Distribution to Chairman’s Office
7.10 Communications during Session period meant for Ministries/Departments
7.11 Cyclostyling and Xeroxing
7.12 Telephone Inquiry Counter
7.13 Issue of Telegrams
7.14 Printing of Parliamentary papers for distribution to Members during session
7.15 Circulation of Sessional Parliamentary Papers
7.16 Despatch Address of Parliamentary papers
7.17 Despatch of Miscellaneous Communications (Other than sessional papers)to Members
7.18 Despatch of Cheques and Demand Drafts
7.19 Distribution of invitation cards
7.20 Delivery of papers to Members of Lok Sabha
7.21 Distribution of Parliamentary Papers in English/Hindi
7.22 Register of Complaints of non-receipt of Papers
|CHAPTER VIII: Records Management|Pdf(134Kb)
8.1 Introduction
8.2 Closing, Recording and Classification of Records
8.3 Preparing of file for Record
8.4 Record Room
8.5 Procedure for Consigning of Files to Record Room
8.6 Transfer and Storage of Records
8.7 Review and Weeding Out
8.8 Retention Period for various types of files
8.9 Requisition of Records
8.10 Retrieval and Indexing of Records
8.11 Recommended Practices to ensure longevity of Records
|CHAPTER IX: Specific Procedures in Council Sections| Pdf(181Kb)
9.1 Introduction
  Part A:Notice Office
9.2 Responsibilities of Notice Office
9.3 Issue of Cards for Rajya Sabha Galleries
9.4 Central Hall Card Issued on Daily Basis
9.5 Central Hall Galleries Cards for witnessing President’s Address or other functions
9.6 Entry Pass for PA/PS to Members of Rajya Sabha
9.7 Library Pass
9.8 Parking Labels
9.9 Issue of photo Identity Cards to Officers and Staff
9.10 Members’ Temporary Identity Card
9.11 Photo Identity Cards to Allied Agencies
9.12 Photo Identity Cards for Secretariat Staff
9.13 Identity Cards for Former Members
9.14 Cable Television (CATV)
9.15 Dealing with Members
9.16 Supply of forms to the Members
9.17 Receipt of Notices from the Members
9.18 TA/DA Bills forms and Distribution of Cheques to the Members
9.19 Exchange Order Requisitions
9.20 Photographs of Members
9.21 UNI Tele printer News item
9.22 Notice Boards
Part B:Table Office
9.23 Responsibilities of Table Office
9.24 List of Business
9.25 Minutes Book of the Table
9.26 Papers to be Laid on the Table
9.27 Statement by Minister
9.28 Parliamentary Bulletin Part-I
9.29 Co-ordination work for Bulletin Part-II
9.30 Business Advisory Committee
9.31 Vacancies and election to fill vacancies
9.32 Oath/Affirmation by the Member
9.33 Preparation of Statement showing party position
9.34 Allocation of Seats, Division Numbers and Attendance Register
9.35 Obituary and Other References in the House
9.36 List of Members of Rajya Sabha
9.37 Election of Deputy Chairman
9.38 Constitution of Panel of Vice-Chairmen
9.39 Cases under the Tenth Schedule of the Constitution
9.40 Resume of the Business Transacted
9.41 Precedents Register
9.42 Farewell Function in Honour of the outgoing Chairman
9.43 Members MIS Software
9.44 Register of References from the Chair
9.45 Consolidated Who’s Who
9.46 Press Counter
Part C:Legislative Section
9.47 Responsibilities of Legislative Section
9.48 Order of Summoning and Prorogation
9.49 Summons to Members
9.50 Provisional Calendar of Sittings
9.51 Tentative List of Government & Legislative Business
9.52 Cancellation of Sittings/Extension/Adjournments & Prorogation
9.53 President’s Address and Motion of Thanks thereon
9.54 Special Mention
9.55 Zero Hour Submissions
9.56 Calling Attention
9.57 Short Duration Discussion
9.58 Resolutions
9.59 Motions - Private, Government and Statutory
9.60 Assisting the Chair in time management on the floor
9.61 Privileges and Committee of Privileges
9.62 Arrest/Detention etc. and Release of Members
9.63 Laying of Budget (General) & Supplementary demands for grants
9.64 Laying of Budget (Railways)
9.65 Laying of Reports
9.66 Precedents Register
9.67 Publications Counter
Part D:Bill Office
9.68 Responsibilities of Bill Office
9.69 Introduction of Bills
9.70 Reference of Bills to Parliamentary Committees
9.71 Consideration and Passing/Return of Bills
9.72 Assent on Bills
9.73 Private Members Bills
9.74 Amendments to Bill (Other than Constitutional Amendments)
9.75 Constitution Amending Bills
9.76 Assent on Bills
9.77 Numbering of Bills at various stages
9.78 Ordinance replacing Bills
9.79 Recommendation of the President regarding Bills
9.80 Withdrawal of Bills
9.81 Removal of Bills from the Register of Bills Pending
9.82 M2002/9.80.pdfsters
9.83 Precedents Register
Part E:Lobby Office
9.84 Responsibilities of the Lobby Office
9.85 Leave of absence of Members from sittings
9.86 Attendance of Members
9.87 Copies of President’s Address
9.88 Books of Reference in the Chamber
9.89 Messenger Service in the Rajya Sabha Chamber
9.90 Placing of Parliamentary Papers and Printed Forms of various Notices in the Inner Lobby
9.91 Maintenance of Chamber, Lobbies and Galleries
9.92 Arrangements for voting
9.93 Journals of Rajya Sabha
9.94 Maintenance and upkeep of Rooms of Chairman, Deputy Chairman, Committee Chairmen, Parliament House, Committee rooms etc
9.95 Video recording of Rajya Sabha Proceedings
9.96 Steel Lockers for Members
9.97 Farewell function in Honour of the retiring Members of Rajya Sabha
|CHAPTER X: Reporting, Translation and Publication of ParliamentaryProceedings| Pdf(351Kb)
Part A:Introduction
10.1 Introduction
10.2 Recording of Proceedings in the Chamber
10.3 Compilation of typescript
10.4 Duties of Director (Reporting)
10.5 Duties of the Chief Parliamentary Reporter
Part B: Preparation of Verbatim Record
10.6 Playing of National Anthem
10.7 Playing of National Song “Vande Mataram”
10.8 Indicating the Presiding Officer occupying the Chair
10.9 Adjournment and Reassembling
10.10 Oath/Affirmation
10.11 Obituary
10.12 Preparation of Part-I Debates
10.14 Papers to be laid on the Table
10.15 Communication of Messages from the President
10.16 Communication regarding Arrest and Detention
10.17 Rulings by Chairman
10.18 Statements by Ministers
10.19 Personal Explanations
10.20 Zero Hour Submissions & Special Mentions
10.21 Announcement regarding Business Advisory Committee
10.22 Leave of Absence
10.23 Assent to Bills
10.24 Message from Lok Sabha
10.25 Motion for Election to Committees/Councils/Bodies
10.26 Introduction of Bills
10.27 Government Business
10.28 Allocation of Time
10.29 Other Announcements from the Chair
10.30 Calling Attention
10.31 President’s Address
10.32 Consideration and Passing of Bills
10.33 Half-an-Hour Discussion
10.34 Language of Report
10.35 Typing format
10.36 Dealing with expunged portion of Proceedings
10.37 Cases of Ruling reserved on expunction
10.38 Inclusion of Speeches Made in other Languages
10.39 Compilation of Floor Version of the Debates
10.40 Circulation of Floor Version of Debates
10.41 Computerised Parliamentary Reporting System (PRISM)
Part C: Synopsis of Debates
10.42 Preparation of bilingual Synopsis
10.43 Content of English and Hindi Synopsis
10.44 Procedure
Part D: Editing of Official Reports
10.45 Publication of Reports under Rule 260
10.46 Recitation in the first Debate of a Session
10.47 Recitations at the beginning of each day’s Report
10.48 Editing of Part-I Debate
10.49 Preparation of final text of Part-I Debate
10.50 Editing of Part-II Debate
10.51 General Instructions
10.52 Incorporation of Corrections Suggested by Members
10.53 Recording of Interruptions
10.54 Recording of Expunctions and Non-recording of Speeches
10.55 Quotations in Languages other than Hindi/Urdu andEnglish
10.56 Editing of Floor Version Debates
10.57 Preparation of Appendices
10.58 Preparation of final text of Part-II Debates
10.59 Monitoring of the Process of Editing and Printing
10.60 Indexing of the Official Record
10.61 Editing of Hindi Version of the Official Record
10.62 Printing
Part E: Simultaneous Interpretation Service
10.63 Introduction
10.64 Extent of Facility
10.65 General Range of Interpretation Services
10.66 Services during Question Hour
10.67 Procedure to be adopted by Interpretation Service
10.68 Equipment and its operation
10.69 Sharpening of Interpreting Skills
10.70 Practice Sessions
10.71 Culling Out of Rulings of the Chair
Part F:Reporting of Committee Meeting and Interpretation Service
10.72 Reporting of Committee Meetings
|CHAPTER XI:Question Branch|Pdf(190Kb)
11.1 Responsibilities of the Branch
11.2 Rules relating to Questions and Latest Instructions, etc.
11.3 Issue of Parliamentary Bulletin-Part-II
11.4 Registration and Diarisation
11.5 Examination of Questions
11.6 Draw of Lots
11.7 Procedure for Dealing with Notices of Questions
11.8 Preparation of Lists of Questions
11.9 Printing of Questions Lists
11.10 Circulation of Printed Lists of Questions
11.11 Transfer of Questions
11.12 Withdrawal and Postponement of Questions
11.13 Intimation of Disallowed Questions
11.14 Allotment of Question Numbers
11.15 Issue of Errata to admitted Questions
11.16 Receipt of answers to Questions
11.17 Preparation and Distribution of Answer sets
11.18 Time Schedules for various Internal Procedures
11.19 Proceedings during Question Hour
11.20 Answer to Questions of absent Members
11.21 Answer to Starred Questions not replied orally
11.22 Disposal of Questions when sitting is cancelled or Question Hour is dispensed with
11.23 Procedure for Correcting Answers to Questions
11.24 Short Notice Questions
11.25 Half-an-Hour Discussion
11.26 Publication of Sessional Statistical information on Questions
11.27 Levels of decision making
11.28 Miscellaneous Guidelines
11.29 Computerisation of Rajya Sabha Questions & Answers
11.30 Subject Pamphlet
|CHAPTER XII:Committee Sections| Pdf(339Kb)
Part A: Introduction
12.1 Introduction
12.2 Committee Sections
12.3 Common Procedures
12.4 Procedure for booking of Committee room
12.5 On the spot study tours by the Committee
12.6 TA/DA Bills of the Committee and the Secretariat
12.7 Publication and Printing of the Report
12.8 Action taken Reports
12.9 Miscellaneous work
12.10 Records
12.11 Use of Committee Software
Part B:Standing Committee Sections
12.12 Committee Section-I (Subordinate Legislation)
12.13 Committee Section-II (Petitions, General Purposes etc.)
12.14 Committee Section-III (Committee on Govt. Assurances)
12.15 Committee Section-IV (Papers Laid)
Part C: Department related Committee Sections
12.16 Rules Governing Committees Functions
12.17 Registers, Reports and Information Database
Part D:Other Committees
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