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Rajya Sabha
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|CHAPTER XIII:Members Establishment and Accounts|Pdf(461Kb)
13.1 Introduction
Part A:M.S&A Section
13.2 Responsibilities
13.3 Declaration of usual place of residence by New Members
13.4 Issuance of Identity Card to Members and their Spouses
13.5 Salary Bills
13.6 T.A/D.A Bills
13.7 Indian Parliamentary Delegation Going Abroad (IPDGA)
13.8 Exchange Order Facility to Members
13.9 Joint Committee on M.S.&A.
13.10 Refreshment Bills
13.11 Budget
13.12 Telephone Bills
13.13 Water & Electricity Charges
13.14 Settlement of Printing Bills
13.15 Reimbursement of Medical Expenses
13.16 Conveyance Advance
13.17 Parliamentary Pension
Part B: M.A. Section
13.18 Responsibilities
13.19 House Committee
13.20 Joint Committee of Chairmen, House Committees of both the Houses of Parliament
13.21 Allotment of Accommodation for Members of Rajya Sabha
13.22 Furniture
13.23 Maintenance of flats/bungalows servant quarters and motor garages
13.24 Arrangement of temporary stay of newly elected Members
13.25 Liaison with N.D.M.C.
13.26 Allotment of accommodation for guest and marriage purposes
13.27 Allotment of guest accommodation in Western Court
13.28 Action on Members’ retirement, resignation and death
13.29 Examination of cases of overstay
13.30 Reservation of accommodation in ITDC Hotels in Delhi
13.31 Telephone facilities in Delhi and permanent/usual place of residence of Members
13.32 Allotment of electrical appliances
13.33 Allotment of defence discarded jeeps, jonga, motor cycle and ambassador cars
13.34 Allotment of LPG connection
13.35 Canteen and Catering arrangements
13.36 Issue of ration cards to Members
13.37 Filing of Tax Returns
13.38 Medical facilities for Members
13.39 Demise of sitting Members in Delhi
13.40 Refreshment bills in respect of Deputy Chairman’s Office
13.41 Members of Parliament Local Area Development Scheme (MPLADS)
Part C:Conference & Protocol Section
13.42 Main Responsibilities
13.43 Associated Responsibilities
13.44 Issue of Diplomatic Passports and Visa Notes to Members and their spouses
13.45 Republic Day/Indepenence Day Celebrations
13.46 Warrant of Precedence for Ceremonial functions
13.47 Association of Secretaries-General of Parliaments (ASGP)
13.48 The Society of Clerks-at-the Table in Commonwealth Parliaments
13.49 Purchase of Gifts/Bouquets
13.50 Dinner/Lunch hosted by Hon’ble Chairman, Hon’ble Deputy Chairman and Secretary-General
13.51 Visits of Presiding Officers/Committees of State Legislatures
13.52 Ceremonial departure/arrival of visits of the President/ Prime Minister to foreign Countries
13.53 Airport Duties
13.54 Coordination with Lok Sabha Secretariat
13.55 Conference of Commonwealth Parliamentary Association
13.56 Inter-Parliamentary Union (IPU)
13.57 Indian Parliamentary Delegations going abroad
13.58 Visit of foreign Parliamentary Delegations to India
13.59 Indian Parliamentary Group
13.60 International conferences hosted by India
|CHAPTER XIV:Research, Publication and Archives |Pdf(347Kb)
Part A: Research & Library Section
14.1 Main work of the Section
14.2 Procedure for disposing of Reference Work
14.3 Publications and Distribution
14.4 Library
14.5 Subscription of Newspapers/Magazines
14.6 Research staffing to Committees
14.7 Rajya Sabha Who’s Who
14.8 Miscellaneous Publications
14.9 Library of Video CDs of Proceedings of Rajya Sabha
Part B: Printing & Publication
14.10 Responsibilities
14.11 Print order of Sessional papers
14.12 Checking of Manuscripts
14.13 Procedure in Case of CRC Copies
14.14 Procedure in case of electronic document
14.15 Monitoring of Printing Progress
14.16 Monitoring of Printing of Bills
Part C:Sales & Archives Section
14.17 Responsibilities
14.18 Procurement and Sale of Parliamentary Publications/Papers
14.19 Publicity and Appointment of Agents
14.20 Maintenance of Stock and Accounts
14.21 Binding and Distribution of Debates to Members
14.22 Receipt and Maintenance of Records, Record Room and Archives
|CHAPTER XV:Secretariat Establishment & Accounts|Pdf(976Kb)
Part A:Personnel Section
15.1 Responsibilities of the Section
15.2 Recruitment/Appointment of Staff in the Secretariat
15.3 Reservation
15.4 Promotion
15.5 Departmental Promotion Committees
15.6 Retirement
15.7 Confidential Reports
15.8 Sanctioned Strength, creation and continuance of posts
15.9 Confirmation of Officers and Staff
15.10 Transfer/Posting & Allocation of work
15.11 Gradation List and Staff List
15.12 Representation and Grievance Committee
15.13 Disciplinary Cases
15.14 Attending to Court Cases
15.15 Holding of typing tests
15.16 Payment of Honorarium
15.17 Delegation of Financial Powers
15.18 Work relating to Parliamentary Pay Committee
15.19 Work relating to Class-IV Establishment
15.20 Record of Notifications and Orders
15.21 Computerised Personnel Administration Management System (PAMS)
Part B:Establishment General Section
15.22 Responsibilities of Establishment (G) Section
15.23 Maintenance and Opening of Service books
15.24 Identity Number
15.25 Pay Fixation
15.26 Increments
15.27 Deputation of Officers and Staff
15.28 Resignation
15.29 Retirement Benefits/Pension Cases
15.30 Leave
15.31 Leave Traveling Concession
15.32 Reimbursement of Tuition Fee
15.33 Grant of Permission for Acquisition of Movable and Immovable Property
15.34 House Building Advance
15.35 Motor Cycle/Scooter/Motor Car/Computer Advance
15.36 Framework of Budget Estimates
15.37 Schedule for Preparation of Budget Estimates and Supplementary Estimates
15.38 Budget & Expenditure Register
15.39 Computerisation
Part C:Establishment (Accounts) Section
15.40 Responsibilities of Establishment (A/Cs) Section
15.41 Procedures adopted for disposal of Work
15.42 Specific Procedures for various cases
15.43 Computerisation
Part D:Pay and Accounts Office
15.44 Introduction
15.45 Responsibilities
15.46 Accounts Section
15.47 Duties and Responsibilities of Audit Section
15.48 Preservation of Records
15.49 Computerisation
Part E:General Administration Section
15.50 Responsibilities of General Administration Section
15.51 Detailed Procedure
15.52 The Public Premises Act and Court Cases
15.53 Out of turn allotment of accommodation
15.54 Medical Facilities
15.55 Telephone Facilities
15.56 Liveries
15.57 Home Ministry Identity Cards (Validation Slips)
15.58 Office Accommodation
15.59 Enrolment of Members of Staff as members of Parliament Library
15.60 Conveyance Management
15.61 Circulation of General Instructions
15.62 Distribution of Briefcases and Diaries to Members
15.63 Computerisation
Part F:Stores Section
15.64 Main Responsibilities of Stores Section
15.65 Purchase of Stationery Items
15.66 Issue of Stationery
15.67 Purchase of Stores
15.68 Issue of Stores
15.69 Procedure in respect of movement of Store and stock item
15.70 Action in cases of Loss, theft or deliberate damage to Stores issued or in stock
15.71 Maintenance of Physical Verification of Stores
15.72 Transfer of Charge
15.73 Maintenance of Stock Register and life of Stock Register
15.74 Settlement of Bills
15.75 Maintenance of Office Machines
15.76 Responsibility for safe custody
15.77 Auction of Obsolete Office Materials
15.78 Procedure regarding disposal of waste papers etc.
15.79 Preparation of rubber stamps
15.80 Vehicles
15.81 Purchase of Office Machines
15.82 Indent for Office Furniture
| CHAPTER XVI:Efficiency, Order & Method|Pdf(347Kb)
16.1 Introduction
Part A:O & M (Organisation & Methods)
16.2 Standing Guard Files
16.3 Precedent Register
16.4 Reports, Returns and their Analysis and review
16.5 Preparation and Review of Annual Action Plans
16.6 Annual Report
16.7 Weekly Meeting
Part B:Inspection
16.8 Inspection and Job Analysis
16.9 Inspection Calendar and Proforma
16.10 Job Analysis
16.11 Surprise Visits
Part C:Checks on Delays
16.12 Time Limit for Disposal of References
16.13 Final Disposal
16.14 Disposal of Immediate/Important Receipts
16.15 Weekly Arrears Statement
16.16 Arrears Clearance Campaign
16.17 Assistants Diary
16.18 Reminder Diary
Part D:Training
16.19 Orientation Programme for newly elected Members
16.20 Computer Training Programme for the Members
16.21 Misc. Training Programmes for Members
16.22 Training Programmes for Officials of Rajya Sabha
16.23 Liaison with various Training related Organisations
Part E:Computerisation
16.24 Responsibilities of the Computer Cell
16.25 Support to the Committee on Provision of Computers
16.26 Procurement of hardware for Members
16.27 Training of Members
16.28 Maintenance of Equipment
16.29 Coordination of Computerisation of work of the Rajya Sabha
16.30 Computerisation of Rajya Sabha Secretariat
16.31 Placing and Updating of information on the Internet Website
16.32 Maintenance of Secretariat Computers
16.33 Site requirements for locating computers for the Secretariat
16.34 Responsibility of Section in-Charge
16.35 Administration of the Computer Operation
16.36 Complaint regulation and attendance
16.37 Record keeping
16.38 Procedure in respect of Store and stock items
16.39 Action in cases of Loss, theft or deliberate damage to stores
16.40 Filing System
16.41 Sale of Computer at depreciated cost etc.
|CHAPTER XVII:Editorial and Translation Sections | Pdf(549Kb)
17.1 Introduction
Part A:Translation Section-I
17.2 Responsibilities of the Section
17.3 Procedures
17.4 Hindi Version of List of Business and List of Papers to be Laid
17.5 Parliamentary Bulletin Part-I
17.6 Co-ordination work for Bulletin Part-II
Part B:Translation Section-II
17.7 Responsibilities of Translation Section-II
17.8 Translation of English Question Lists into Hindi
17.9 Translation of Original Notices received in Hindi
17.10 Translation of Short Notice Questions
17.11 Issue of Errata to admitted Questions
17.12 Miscellaneous Items
Part C:Translation (Committees) Section
17.13 Responsibilities
17.14 Methodology
Part D:Editing (English) Section
17.15 Responsibilities
17.16 Floor Version of Debate
17.17 Preparation of List of Debate contents
17.18 Monitoring of the Process of Editing and Printing
17.19 Putting of the Debates onto Internet
17.20 Compilation of Appendix
17.21 Session wise Index to Debates
17.22 Miscellaneous Job
17.23 Maintenance Duties
Part E:Editing (Hindi) Section
17.24 Responsibilities
17.25 Master Copies of Debates
Part F: Synopsis Section
17.26 Nature of Work
17.27 Procedure
17.28 Keeping of Records & Maintenance of Duties
Part G:Raj Bhasha Prabhag
17.29 Responsibilities of the Section
17.30 Annual Targets
17.31 Hindi Pakhwara
17.32 Maintenance of Hindi website
|CHAPTER XVIII:Security | Pdf(180Kb)
18.1 General Instructions
18.2 Access regulations for staff
18.3 Responsibilities of Watch & Ward Office
18.4 Organisational structure
18.5 Maintenance of Order within Parliament House Estate
18.6 Duty hours at Main Iron Gates
18.7 Watch & Ward Duties
18.8 Reception Office
18.9 Parking
18.10 Arrangements during Holidays and at Night
18.11 Responsibilities of supervisory Officer of Watch & Ward
18.12 Role of Security Marshals
18.13 Meetings and Conferences
18.14 Sitting Arrangements
18.15 Same Day Visitors Pass
18.16 General Instructions
18.17 Passes for Media and Photographers
18.18 Communication Arrangements
18.19 Security Briefing
18.20 Security Duties in Office Rooms
18.21 Regulation of movement of store items in and out of the Parliament Complex
18.22 Loss of Damage to Property
18.23 Duties of Watch & Ward staff outside Parliament House Complex
18.24 Dealing with breaches of Security
18.25 Fire Fighting Arrangements
18.26 Rehearsal
18.27 Dealing with breaches of Discipline
18.28 Training
18.29 Establishment Matters
18.30 Files and Record Keeping
18.31 Store Purchase and Issue
18.32 Sanitation



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