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Rajya Sabha
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  |CHAPTER I:Introduction & Definitions|Pdf(127Kb)
1.1 Introduction
1.2 The Rajya Sabha Secretariat
1.3 Accountability of the Secretariat
1.4 Definition
|CHAPTER II:Secretariat Organisation|Pdf(140Kb)
2.1 Secretariat
2.2 Secretary General
2.3 Recruitment and Conditions of Service Rules
2.4 Consultation with Government and Application of Government Orders
2.5 Recruitment Order
2.6 Rajya Sabha Secretariat Staffing
2.7 The Legislative, Executive and Administrative Service
2.8 Research and Library Service
2.9 Reporting Service
2.10 Simultaneous Interpretation Service
2.11 Editorial, Synopsis and Translation Service
2.12 Private Secretaries and Stenographic Service
2.13 Printing and Publications Service
2.14 Watch and Ward
2.15 Pay and Accounts Office
|CHAPTER III: Conduct & Discipline|Pdf(184Kb)
3.1 Conduct and Discipline Rules
3.2 Application of CCS Rules
3.3 Fundamental Rules
3.4 C.C.S. (Conduct) Rules
3.5 Misconduct
3.6 Acts and Omissions Amounting to Misconduct
3.7 Serious Misconduct meriting major penalty
3.8 Procedure in Disciplinary Cases
3.9 Expeditious Disposal of Cases of Suspension etc.
3.10 Official and Confidential Documents
3.11 Handing over Charge on Transfer
3.12 Representations/Applications-Procedure for Submission
3.13 Attendance and leave
|CHAPTER IV: Registration of Receipts|Pdf(119Kb)
4.1 Receipt of Dak
4.2 Acknowledgement
4.3 Registration of Dak
4.4 Internal Distribution
4.5 Circulation
4.6 Receipts in Notice Office from the Members
4.7 Procedure in Notice Office
4.8 Receipt in Section
4.9 Diarising of Receipts
4.10 Scrutiny of the Diary Registers
4.11 Movement of Receipts
|CHAPTER V:Filing System|Pdf(1489Kb)
5.1 Introduction
5.2 Composition of a File
5.3 Arrangements of Papers in a File
5.4 Page and Serial Numbering
5.5 Flagging
5.6 Referencing
5.7 Linking of Files
5.8 Title of a File
5.9 Separate File for each Subject
5.10 Creation of new Heads and Sub-Heads
5.11 Part File
5.12 File Opening Register
5.13 Movement and Location of Files
5.14 Files Received and Sent Unofficially
5.15 Removal of Papers from a File
5.16 Use of Urgency Labels
|CHAPTER VI: Dealing with Receipts, Noting & Drafting|Pdf(219Kb)
6.1 Dealing
6.2 Preliminary Action on a Receipt
6.3 Docketing of Receipts
6.4 The Noting
6.5 Noting and Responsibilities of Branch/Section
6.6 Use and computerization of Standard Process Sheets
6.7 Action by Head of Section
6.8 Scrutiny by Section Officer
6.9 Scrutiny and Submission of cases by Branch Officer
6.10 Delegation and Issue of Standing Orders
6.11 Notes based on Oral Orders
6.12 Preparation of Self-contained notes in cases going up to Hon’ble Chairman
6.13 General Instructions of Noting
6.14 Drafting
6.15 Stage of Preparing a Draft
6.16 Time Allowed for Drafting
6.17 Flagging, Referencing and Placement of Drafts
6.18 General Instructions for Drafting
6.19 Use of different forms of Communications
6.20 Addressing of Communication to Appropriate Levels
6.21 Issue and Despatch
6.22 Action after Issue
6.23 Reminders
6.24 Secret and Confidential Documents
6.25 Movement of Confidential and Secret Cases


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