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Rajya Sabha
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Publication in Electronic Form

One Time Publications

LARRDIS - 10 Booklet Series (2018) image
1.Information at a Glance Pdf(1629kb)
2.Rajya Sabha - It's Contribution To Indian polity Pdf(1615kb)
3.The Law Making ProcessPdf(1625kb)
4.Committee System in Rajya Sabha Pdf(1693kb)
5.Parliamentary PrivilegesPdf(1595kb)
6.Members - Do's & Don'tsPdf(1606kb)
7.Role of The Leader of the House, Leader of the Opposition & Whips.Pdf(3832kb)
8.Executive - It's Accountability To parliamentPdf(1598kb)
9.Information Management for legislators 'A background note'Pdf(1699kb)
10.How to be an effective LegislatorPdf(1618kb)

image LARRDIS -
Rajya Sabha Who's Who-2016image
image Frequently Asked Questions on Parliament English Hindi
image Scheme for Dr. S. Radhakrishnan Chair & Rajya Sabha Fellowships ](pdf Size:1.59MB)
image Secretary-General, Rajya Sabha: A Profile and a work study of activities ][](pdf Size:28.8MB)
image Initiating Discussion on Various Type of Dedates in Rajya Sabha ][](pdf Size:166KB)
image E-Waste In India][](pdf Size:394KB)
image Dr. S. Radhakrishnan Chair & Rajya Sabha Fellowships on Parliamentary Studies English Hindi
image Genetically modified CROPS issues and challenges in the context of india](pdf Size:217KB)
image Second chamber in Indian parliament: Role and status of Rajya Sabha 2009 ](pdf Size:63KB)
image Global Economic Crisis and Its Impact on India 2009].(pdf Size:133KB)
image Structure & functions of Rajya sabha secretariat 2009][](pdf Size:140KB)
image Handbook of Publications ](pdf Size:72.9KB)
image Climate change: Challenges to sustainable development in India 2008](pdf Size:87.2KB)
image Reservation of Seats for Women in Legislative Bodies: Perspectives 2008](pdf Size:127KB)
image Role and Relevance of Rajya Sabha in Indian Polity, 1991 edition (50 pages +  cover page)(pdf Size:13.6MB)
image Emergence of Second Chamber in India, 2002 edition (pdf Size:57.4MB)
image Second Chambers: Bicameralism Today, 2002 edition (pdf Size:41MB)
image Rajya Sabha Pays Homage to Rajiv Gandhi, 1991 edition
image Dr. B. R. Ambedkar- The Man and His Message : A Commemorative Volume, 1991 edition
image Jawaharlal Nehru and Rajya Sabha, 1989 edition

Education and Social Change, 1988 edition


Dr. Sarvepalli Radhakrishnan: A Commemorative Volume, 1988 edition

image The Second Chamber: Its Role in Modern Legislatures- The Twenty- Five Years of Rajya Sabha, 1977 edition
Publications brought out on special occasions
image Welcome Mr. Chairman Sir (2017)(pdf Size:716KB), 2012(pdf Size:23.8MB), 2007(pdf Size:234KB), 2003(pdf Size:5.49MB), 1997(pdf Size:3.81MB)
image Sixty Years of Rajya Sabha (1952-2012) ][](pdf Size:2.29MB)
image Nominated Members of Rajya Sabha (1952-2012)(pdf Size:353KB), 2003(pdf Size:163KB)
image Computerisation in Rajya Sabha - An Overview (2012) (pdf Size:9.03MB), 2003 (pdf Size:119 KB)
image Selected Speeches of Women Member of the Constituent Assembly ][](pdf Size:1.59MB)
image Fifty Years of Rajya Sabha (1952-2002)](pdf Size:170KB)
image Discipline, Decorum and Dignity of Parliament](pdf Size:139KB)
image COMMITTEE SYSTEM IN RAJYA SABHA (1952-2002)](pdf Size:219KB)
image Ethics Committee of Rajya Sabha, 2003 ](pdf Size:251KB)
image Socio-economic Profile of Members of Rajya Sabha (1952-2002), 2003 edition (68 pages + cover Page). (pdf Size:6.73MB)
image Women Members of Rajya Sabha, 2003 edition ( 194 pages + cover Page)(pdf Size:16MB)
Revisable Publications
image Rajya Sabha at work English Hindiimage
image Humour in the House: A glimpse into the enlivening moods of Rajya Sabha, (December 2003) (pdf Size:26.3MB), 1989 (pdf Size:14.1MB)
image Committees of Rajya Sabha and Other Parliamentary Committees and Bodies on which Rajya Sabha is represented (2018-19)]image
image Rajya Sabha and its Secretariat: A Performance Profile, 2017   ]image Archives Hindi
image Karyarat Rajya Sabha, 2017]image
image Rajya Sabha - List of Members]image
image Manual for Handling Parliamentary Work in Ministries]image
image The Lokpal and Lokayuktas Act 2013 English Hindi
image The Sexual Harassment of Women at Workplace (Prevention, Prohibition and Redressal) Act, 2013 English
image The National Food Security Act 2013 English Hindi
image Rajya Sabha Statistical Information 1952-2013](pdf Size:1.34MB)
image Demystifying Question Hour: Budget Session 2013](pdf Size:469KB)
image Rules of Procedure and conduct of Business in the Council of States ]
image 'Private Members' Legislation' (pdf Size:459KB)
image Summary of Work Done][](pdf Size:1022KB)
image Directions from the Chair]
image Praxis of Parliamentary Committees: Recommendations of Committee on Rules ](pdf Size:161KB)
](pdf Size:0.98MB)
image Handbook for Members of Rajya Sabha
image Sansadiya Shabdavali 2009 (Bi-lingual)](pdf Size:939KB)
image Parliamentary Procedures: Problems and Perspectives 2009.](pdf Size:218KB)
image Demystifying Question Hour: Budget Session 2008 ](pdf Size:63.5KB)
image Bharatiya Sansad: Ek Parichaya, 2007 edition (pdf Size:14.9MB)
image Felicitations Hon'ble Chairman Sir, 2006 edition [Congratulatory remarks made in the House on the Completion of four years of Shri Bhairon Singh Shekhawat as the Chairman of Rajya Sabha on 18 August 2006] (63 pages + cover page)(pdf Size:6.70MB)
image Rajya Sabha mein Rashtrakavi Maithilisharan Gupt (Hindi version), 2005edition;(pdf Size:6.79MB)
image Report of the group constituted by the Chairman to go into the Question of issues pertaining to State subject/Legislatures which can be raised and discussed in the house.](pdf Size:145KB)
image Chairman's Reply to the felicitation in Rajya Sabha (26-08-1997)](pdf Size:90.1KB)
image Lighter Moments in the Rajya Sabha,  1985 edition  and Lighter Moments  in the Rajya Sabha- A Supplement, 1986 edition ( 132 pages + cover page) (pdf Size:12.1MB)

Salary Allowances & Pension of MPs Act 1954] *

Source of information: The information is based on data provided by
* Members Salary and Allowances Section Tel.:23034224,23034228, 23016254
** Shri J. G. Negi , Joint Secretary (P&P), Phone No2.3034261
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