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Rajya Sabha
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For the purpose of answering question in Rajya Sabha, Ministries of the Government of India have been divided into five groups, i.e, I,II.III,IV and V and these groups have been allotted Mondays, Tuesdays, Wednesdays, Thursdays and Fridays, respectively. The grouping is done in such a way that each Minister has one day fixed in the week for answering questions in Rajya Sabha and another fixed day in the week for answering questions in Lok Sabha

Changes are introduced in the grouping of Ministries according to the changes in the restructuring of Ministries or due to a reshuffle in the portfolios of Ministries or other relevant reasons. Since there are some Ministries about which more questions are tabled, grouping is done in such a way that as far as practicable, each group has approximately the same number of questions on a day on average. The Ministries which attract a large number of questions are not usually bunched together.

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