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Rajya Sabha
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Rules of Procedure and Conduct of Business in the Council of States
(March 2005)


Chapter No. Rules Title
I 1-2 Short title and definition
II 3-6 Summons to Members, Seating, Oath or Affirmation and Roll of Members
III 7-9 Election of Deputy Chairman and Panel of Vice-Chairmen
IV 10-13 Sittings of Council
V 14-22 President's Address and messages to Council
VI 23-37 Arrangement of Business
VII 38-59 Questions
VIII 60 Half-an-Hour Discussion
IX 61-120 Legislation - Bills originating in Council
IX 121-134 Legislation - Bills originating in House and transmitted to Council
IX 135 & 136 Legislation - Authentication and reconsideration of Bills
X 137-153 Petitions
XI 154-166 Resolutions
XII 167-175 Motions on matters of public interest
XIII 176-179 Short Duration Discussion
XIV 180-180E Raising Matters of Public Importance
XV 181-186 Procedure in financial matters
XVI 187-203 Questions of privilege
XVII 204-212 Committee on Subordinate Legislation
XVII-A 212A-212G Committee on Government Assurances
XVII-B 212H-212O Committee on Papers Laid on the Table
XVII-C 212P-212W House Committee
XVIII 213-215 Resignation, leave of absence and vacation of seat
XIX 216-220 Amendment of Rules
XX 221 & 222 Communications between President and Council
XX-A1 222A-222C Intimation to Chairman about arrest, detention, etc. and release of a member
XXI 223-267 General rules of procedure
XXII 268-277 Department-related Parliamentary Standing Committees
XXIII 278-285 General Purposes Committee
XXIV 286-303 Committee on Ethics
First Schedule   Form of Petition
Second Schedule   Form of intimation regarding arrest, detention, conviction or release, as the case may be, of a member
Third Schedule   Allocation of Ministries/Departments to various Department-related Parliamentary Standing Committees
Appendix-I   The Houses of Parliament (Joint Sittings and Communications) Rules
Appendix-II   The Members of Rajya Sabha (Disqualification on Ground of Defection) Rules, 1985

Officers responsible for supply of the information for the Rules of Procedure and Conduct of Business in the Rajya Sabha

Shri Mukul Pande, Joint Secretary (M)
Tel: 23034693 

Shri S.K. Tripathi,
Director (Bills)
Tel: 23034967

Legislative Section
Tel: 23034727

Note:  Rules of Procedure and Conduct of Business in the Council of States have been formulated under Article 118 of the Constitution wherein each House of Parliament  required to make rules for regulating its procedure and conduct of business. 
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